Garrison Academy for Girls, Lahore Cantt was inaugurated by Lieutenant General Humayun Khan Bangash, Commander 4 Corps on 04 January, 1995 with a view to set up an exclusive institution reserved for quality education of girls from Reception classes to Matriculation level. The Academy during a span of 20 years has established itself as one of the prestigious and sought after institution in the city of Lahore. Garrison Academy is proud of its alumni, who serve as role models for our students.

Garrison Academy for Girls entrusts itself to creating a culture where the students can learn to use verbal and written modes of communication effectively, think critically and logically, master basic computational skills, appreciate artistic and cultural values, understand the sciences and their effects, act morally and responsibly as members of local and global community.


  • To promote the students for making useful contribution to home, school and community
  • To encourage the students to explore, experiment and express individual creativeness
  • To develop in students clean, safe and systematic work habits
  • To create in students an awareness of their aptitudes, abilities and inclinations
  • To develop in students the habit of engaging themselves in gainful pursuits for making the best use of their time
  • To provide to students an understanding of the ideology and cultural values of Pakistan as the basis of education and to inculcate respect for them
  • To promote communicative skills of the students enabling them to express themselves fluently with confidence


  • To promote partnership linking of the Garrison Academy for Girls with the parents and other local and international schools, to work collaboratively in the best interest of the students
  • To enhance and motivate the intellectual and creative potential of our students by providing activity based learning and designed interventions within the framework of age / grade based scheme of studies fully backed up by provision of appropriate visual aids, well equipped resource rooms, purpose built laboratories, and innovative teachers
  • To promote conceptual learning and meaningful education with the help of student centered curriculum that allows investigation and experimentation at each stage
  • To provide a stable foundation for an over-all development, not only in terms of economic gratification but emotional and spiritual wellbeing as well by inculcating in the students the respect for values encompassing our social, moral and global obligations